VONDECKELMAN ZEUS 2016 Security Work Newcastle Australia

All our males here at Vondeckelman Kennels are trained Security dogs or in training to be Security dogs, they all take turns in working with me conducting Security in Newcastle.

They need to be strong nerved, have strong civil aggression, sound temperaments and a willingness to work, we only choose the best dogs for this as they also are stud dogs for our kennel. Our dogs come up against the worst society has to offer, from simple shoplifters turned violent when caught to hammer weilding ice addicts, they have never backed down.

When back at home our dogs are part of the family, loving my whole family with passion extending there love to all of us. They love my kids to death, Zeus lays over them in the back if the car as if to dont touch there mine.

We only choose the best dogs from our litters to continue our lines, we import only the best semen or dogs from qualified champion working European lines to constantly improve our line of dogs here in Australia