Vondeckelman Indy 8 weeks old

Vondeckelman Indy

INDY is the daughter of Vondeckelman Zeus and Vondeckelman Mia.         

Indy is very loving and loyal to the whole family, she is very bonded to my daughter Erin and is her 1st Doberman to bring up herself, Indy is a very active dog she is great in guarding the yard i dont think i have seen her asleep in the yard yet, she is always on guard.

Indy from the beginning has very strong Prey and Protection drives, from a young age protecting my daughter while on lead doing basic drive work. Indy is a very inquisitive dog getting balls from underwater already, one of her tricks is to put her head underwater and blow bubbles when playing with us, she loves water and the rain. She is showing great promise in June 2018 will be ready for her first litter, she is currently doing obedience and Protection Training.